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Tack Mobile designs and builds software for mobile devices, working alongside our clients. Our curated culture defies the misconception of software development as a commodity. Beyond manpower, our team provides unique abilities our clients leverage over the long term.

Building an application millions of users will enjoy requires more than iOS and Android expertise. A talented design team, and a depth of experience extending from hardware integration to services, is a must. A mobile presence is an extension of your brand, and must be accorded the same care.

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UI & UX Design

UI and UX design must be a core component of any top app or web development company. Often neglected or relegated to short efforts at the start of the project, UI and UX design is an integral and critical part of everything we do. We offer UI design and UX consulting as a stand alone service, or as part of your web or app development project. Our design team is second to none in digital, interactive, and small screen (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet) design. We also guide discovery sessions and build interactive prototypes. Learn More

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iOS Development

Choosing the best iOS app development company can be difficult. The best iPhone and iPad app development firms understand Swift, all user interface guidelines, and the hardware thoroughly. Building complex iOS apps requires deep experience with the nuances of the continually shifting landscape of frameworks and APIs. Tack Mobile has been building iOS apps for over a decade, with deep experience in all facets of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Watch platforms. Learn More

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Android Development

Finding the right Android development firm is the most critical decision you will make in building your product. The best Android agencies are fluent in Kotlin and Java, and understand the unique UI and Android platform considerations. With an open hardware philosophy, Android presents opportunities not present on other platforms, and also introduces some challenges. Tack Mobile has a long tack record of solving complex problems and delivering apps and results in the Google Play store. Learn More

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Cross Platform Development

Cross platform app development, often with a framework such as React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Ionic, or Xamarin, is in some cases the best solution. The promise is reduced effort for developing on multiple platforms (see our blog post on cross platform development) and about a quarter of new applications are built using one of these frameworks. We have extensive experience with these tools, and know when it works and when native is the best value. Learn More

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Web Development

The best web application development companies are familiar with the latest frameworks, can build accurate estimates, have excellent design experience, and deliver on time. We build complex HTML5 web applications using React, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Angular, and Node.js, among others. We constantly evaluate the landscape to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of security, performance, and efficiency. Continual investment in our team and culture enables us to maintain our best in class reputation among web app development companies. Learn More

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Internet of Things (IoT) app development is a challenging and unique subset of mobile app development. We continue to focus on these applications in home automation and the broader IoT app development ecosystem, and have broad experience with Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, GPS, cellular, and other wireless technologies. Working closely with firmware developers and engineers, our team builds APIs in C, Node.js, and other industry best in class tools and integrates them with reliable, secure mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

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